Personalized fonts

Every story is unique.
When it comes to font, don’t ditch your style. We can digitize an author’s calligraphy to create your own personal font, the perfect addition to your project. We make unique and original fonts, which can be reproduced and translated for different editions, languages and formats.
The lettering of a work is a very important aspect. We notice it only if it is done poorly, while it goes unnoticed if it blends seamlessly with drawings and shapes. Our goal is to make the font of a book invisible when reading it and unique to those who pause to observe it, as well as complete and functional for publishing professionals.


In over 25 years of our career, we estimate to have produced more than ten thousand comic books. That’s a lot. Our extensive experience has enabled us to be partners today with major comic book publishers in Italy and abroad. Our first passion was and remains lettering, we continue to letter and coordinate the work of expert letterers with the aim of achieving the best possible result for each project, taking care of each individual page with the attention and skill of an artisan, while meeting the client’s time and needs.
Not just lettering though, we give an all-around service: we create fonts and digitize authors’ calligraphy, we oversee multilingual productions and take care of translation and editing for foreign editions, as well as creating the illustrations and cover images – doing all this to best realize your idea.

Logo and
Graphic Design

We create the graphic design of the cover, header logo and insides for single volumes and series in close collaboration with the authors and publisher for everything related to the technical and visual aspect of the images. For years we have partnered on the identity and quality of top products designed for the bookstore and newsstand sectors. We provide graphic design and layout services for all kinds of publishing products, from comics to illustrated books, from sticker albums to brochures and corporate documents.


Tell us about your project, we will make it into a story.
We create blog articles, posts, videos and images for web and social networks, integrating an editorial product with on and offline tools. We multiply stories, selecting the most interesting aspects to convey them through various channels to different people. We also use video, animation and videoscribing, believing that a moving image is worth more than a thousand words. We put our stamp on everything, because a comic strip has no boundaries; indeed, it is the quintessential medium that simultaneously designs images, sounds and words.

Comic book agency

We bring new comics, characters and identities to life.
Not only graphic design and lettering, we also take care of all the steps required to produce a new comic book, from script to character design, from sketches to inks and colors, from editing to preparing print files. We can also design the promotion of a new work both online through defining web and social network campaigns and offline by accompanying the book with a book-trailer or animated video. If your project is still just a slight idea, we help you give it shapes, colors, voices and words.

KNOCK KNOCK! Come on in!

Want to ask us more information about our fonts, our services, a no-obligation quote, or just have some queries? Write to us and we will be happy to answer you.

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