From creative design to publication.

Studio RAM provides the creativity and technical support to develop your comic book, logo, stories, and characters from the moment you think them up to the moment you print them out.

About Us

A creative hub boasting a wealth of technical knowledge, Studio RAM has been involved in graphic design for publishing for over 25 years, specializing in comics, with font creation, lettering, layout and graphic design services. Since 1996 we have established partnerships with major comic book publishers in Italy and beyond, and clients continue to choose us for our top-quality services and the passion we put into each project.

Studio RAM provides graphic design and illustration agency services for newsstand products such as magazines and trade journals, sticker albums and color albums, flyers, posters, flow packs, and display boxes.
We develop logo, character design and style guide ideas for new brands, integrating their communication with web and social network campaigns, videos, videoscribing and motion comics.

Digital lettering pioneers in Italy

Twenty-five years ago, we combined technology and a passion for comics and began digitizing lettering. We now work with a pencil and graphics tablet to give our clients the result they envisioned, from image to font.

Technique and passion at the service of authors

We have digitized the calligraphy and created the personal font of several international authors. Who will be next?

Not just lettering

We are a creative hub that develops original ideas, creates brands and stories to make unique projects that please us, our clients and our enthusiastic fans. Come and find out more about us.

Our Story

1996 in Bologna, Italy. Marco Ficarra, letterer, cartoonist, and the co-founder of Studio RAM, developed a computerized lettering method bringing an innovative contribution to comic book publishing.
With the aid of resolute co-workers, the studio became specialized, never to leave the world of comics, offering services to the major comic book publishers in Italy, consolidating long-standing partnerships and expanding into new areas.
With the arrival of Marco Tamagnini, the graphics and creative director, new services in newsstand products and new brand development with a strong comic book feel joined the graphic layout and lettering services.
We seek the best creative team for each project by drawing from a large pool of graphic artists, scriptwriters and colorists, letterers, copywriters, text editors, illustrators, and video animators. We are passionate and strive to create something beautiful, useful and technically impeccable for each job.

KNOCK KNOCK! Come on in!

The doors of our studio are open to all, clients and collaborators alike, to share ideas and editorial projects. If you are looking for a partner for your new project, write to us and we will be happy to meet you.

Via San Valentino 1F,40122 - Bologna (Italia)

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